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The Seventh District People’s Congress Standing Committee Holds the 25th Session

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On November 28, the Seventh District People’s Congress Standing Committee held the 25th session. Director Liu Hon of the District People's Congress Standing Committee chaired the session. The session read and reviewed the district government's plan (draft) on adjusting the administrative division of 7 subdistricts, including Mengzhuanwan Subdistrict, of Chenghua District.


Liu Hong requested that the district government should implement the opinions concerning the review in the session of the Standing Committee. Adjustments should be submitted for approval in a timely manner in accordance with the procedures and be implemented with strengthened organizational leadership, thorough arrangements, and careful organization after being approved. After division adjustment, the follow-up work should be conducted while ensuring people's well-being, promoting development, and maintaining social stability to further promote the construction of “Tianfu Chengdu ? Cultural Tourism of Chenghua” and to realize a high-quality development. Relevant working institutions of the District People's Congress Standing Committee shall do a good job in the division of regional representatives in time according to the division adjustments of subdistricts, so as to lay the foundation for the District People's Congress.


Deputy Director Liu Li, Fu Chao, Jiang Yan, Liu Fangyou, and Wu Lingyun of the District People’s Congress Standing Committee and members of the Standing Committee attended the session. Deputy District Mayor Zhou Haiyan of the district government attended the session as an observer.