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In the earliest times, the territory of Chenghua District was of the ancient Shu State; from the Gengyuan 9th of King Huiwen of Qin (316 BC) when the Qin annihilate the Shu and set Chengdu County to the present day, it has been more than 2,300 years. Her administration relationship and administrative division underwent frequent changes, and her name is mainly because she had been parts of former Huayang County and Chengdu County in the history. Since December 27, 1949 when Chengdu was liberated, the region had been renamed and re-divided for several times: on May 20, 1953 the former first district of Chengdu was changed to Chengdu Dongcheng District; on February 18, 1960 the Chengdu Outskirt was revoked, and Jinniu District of Chengdu City was set up; in September 1990, the State Council approved the adjustment of the administrative divisions of Chengdu City, which set up a new district consisting of part of the streets of the former Dongcheng District and part of the villages of Jinniu District to achieve urban-rural incorporation, complementation, and integration.